Glenn Goree has thirty years of counseling experience. He and his wife, Valerie, served as missionaries in Rhodesia, Africa, from 1975 to 1981. During the terrorist war affecting the country, he served in civilian/paramilitary counter-insurgency programs. He later became a medic in the Rhodesian Army. After he returned to Texas, he established Glenn Goree and Associates. He has worked as a mental health consultant in North Africa, Haiti, and in the Middle East. Locally, he has worked in many states including New York, Louisiana, Alaska, and Hawaii. He currently serves as the mental health consultant for JP Morgan Chase in San Antonio, Texas, the local EAP Affiliate Coordinator for Empathia EAP out of Wisconsin, and is a Marriage and Family therapist with the counseling program at Oak Hills Church. He holds M.A. and M.Ed. degrees and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Glenn has written numerous articles for newspapers, magazines, and religious periodicals.


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